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Department of Primary Industry Web Links

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DEPI Hobby Beekeeping DEPI hobby-beekeeping
DEPI Victorian Honey Bees DEPI Honey Bees
Hive Management - Books - Beekeeper information Dept. NSW. Honey bee Management
DEPI Raising Queen Bees DEPI Raising Queen Honey Bees
DEPI Small Hive Beetle DEPI Small Hive Beetle
DEPI List of Bee Diseases DEPI Bee Diseases
Registration as a Beekeeper
Free online for 5 and under hives.
Registration for Beekeeping

Diagnosis of American Foulbrood Disease of Honey Bee Brood

DEPI Diagnosis of American Foulbrood
Nosema Disease of Honey Bees DEPI Nosema Disease

Wax Moth - A Pest of Combs and Honey Bee Products

DEPI Wax Moth
Safe Beekeeping Practices DEPI Safe Honeybee Practices
Varroa Mite. Be Prepared as not yet in Australia DEPI Varroa Mite
Instructions for lighting and using a Smoker Instructions for lighting a smoker
Step by Step Beekeeping Step by step beekeeping

General Beekeeping Link Flowers to Honey

Hot Topic Video's

The following link is a video from America regarding the possible causes of Colony Collapse Disorder. Stan Glowacki brought my attention to it. Its about 20 minutes long but extremely interesting. To stop or pause it, run your mouse over the bottom of it for the controls to come up. http://vimeo.com/29419200

Send in your beekeeping Video links so that this page can be updated. As you can see we have plenty of space for them.

There are many interesting videos on the YouTube Tab.






YouTube videos

A Hila Science Video - 10 min Life Cycle of a bee
57 seconds long Bee Waggle Dance
Interpreting the Language of Bees 2.42 long Language of bees
Australian Blue Banded Bees Blue banded bee

How to find the Queen Bee

Finding the queen honey bee
This video is 4.13 long. Getting a swarm out of a bush and put them into a box. How to catch a swarm of bees
Video is 3.10 long. How to catch a swarm from a hedge
Video is 2.25 Getting the swarm into a basket and running them up a sheet into the hive. I thought they would be best to put the main swarm into the box and the remaining would walk up the sheet. My bees are swarming
Video is 4.05 long and quite interesting How to collect and bottle honey
Video 2.25 long Honey extracting and bottling
video 6.35. Using a clearing board and uncapping box. Heathers How to Honey Harvesting
NSW Dept. Ag. This link is excellent and takes you to a series of 9 videos on Diseases and hard copy resources.

Video Series Honey Bee Diseases

Small Hive Beetle Control Small hive beetle Control
Identifying American Foul Brood by Doug Sommerville Identifying American Foul Brood
Management of American Foul Brood by Doug Sommerville. Dept Ag NSW Manage American Foul Brood NSW
This is one method used to treat American Foulbrood by the NJ State Agricultural Dept. American Ag Dept. Method of treating American Foul Brood

European and American Foul Brood

Auropean and American Foul Brood
Controlling Foulbrood and American Foul Brood. Antibiotics cannot be used in Australia, but he explains other methods. Controlling EFB and Amercian Foul Brood
Please let the Webmaster know if any of the links are broken There are hundreds of videos. Just search for a video you want. Let me know if its good and I will add it to the links on this page.
Splitting Hives - 3 different methods

3 ways of splitting hives


Bee Equipment Suppliers

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Stan Glowacki Beekeeping Supplies for Central Gippsland

Stan Glowacki Stan is happy to order in your requirements if they are not in stock.


Email: jeeralangapiary@bigpond.com

60 Koala Drv Jeeralang Junction VIC 3840
Phone: (03) 5122 2641

The Bunyip Beekeeper Pakenham - Supplies

Bunyip Beekeeper

Our Beekeeping
Supplies & Honey Shop

is open to the public in
Pakenham Victoria 4 days per week!​

Factory 4 / 18 Bormar Drive Pakenham Vic 3810

Website: The Bunyip Beekeer

Facebook Page

Open Hours: 9am to 5:30pm Wednesday to Friday and 9am to 2pm on Saturdays

Robert Redpath

Redpaths. Supply an extensive range of equipment, including plastic frames with plastic foundation. They are currently waiting on pre built 8 frame boxes coming from China. They don't arrive until mid October 2011 so don't know the quality or price yet. They do have 10 frame pre built boxes in stock.


Website: http://www.redpaths.com.au/

193 Como Parade East, Parkdale, Victoria 3195
Phone: 9587 5950

Email: redpaths@redpaths.com.au

Fishers Beekeeping Supplies  

Sharon and Robert                                     
Rob & Sharon Fisher provide beekeeping supplies and are located in South Gippsland                                                      

Fishers Beekeeping Supplies

120 Sweeneys Lane
Dumbalk. Vic (Nr. Leongatha)
Phone: 56644323 or e-mail us


Better Bee Hives

Better Beehive Plastic

Plastic Hives are engineered brilliantly saving time, and effort. No Maintenance.

Contact and pick up or delivery made through Geelong

.Better Beehives Plastic


Paradise Honey Hive

Paradise Honey
Polystyrene Hives

Paradise Honey Website

Beekeeping Web Sites

Victorian Apiarist Association

Aussie Apiarists Online

Geelong Beekeeping Club

Aussie Beekeepers Online

Vic Honey

Start Local Beekeeping Equipment

Please send in your favourite beekeeping sites so that links can be provided to them. We are happy to expand this section to cover all the sites you recommend.