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Field Day

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About the South Gippsland Beekeeping Club

South Gippsland Beekeepers (SGB) had its inaugural meeting on 21st July 2011 which attracted over 55 people on the night. As of June 2016, our club now has around 93 financial members with new comers expressing interest on a weekly basis. Formed as a division of the Gippsland Apiarists Association (GAA), we are now an independent club with our own incorporation and we are a not for profit, family orientated club with elected office holders.

Support and Encouragement:  Fellow enthusiastic and supportive beekeepers are keen to share their beekeeping knowledge.

Equipment can be borrowed or hired as well as books from the library.
Experienced members can advise on what equipment to buy.
The club has some equipment for hire including an extractor, electric knife and safety equipment, available to members for a small fee.

About all other Gippsland Clubs:

All other clubs are small and enthusiastic, happy to help beginner beekeepers in their areas and also welcome larger beekeepers to provide mentors for new beekeepers. Some clubs experiment with different types of hives such as flow hives, long hives and top bar hives etc. Most clubs meet monthly and can enhance your journey into beekeeping.

Gippsland Apiary Association known as the GAA covers all of Gippsland with the following clubs looking after specific areas in Gippsland.

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East Gippsland Bee Care Group Orbost.

2018 Meetings: See theUpcoming Events Page

Field Day

Crowd gathered around the demonstration at the Field Day






Club Nights

What is the format for the club night meetings?     

  • We open with a short formal meeting.
  • We follow this with our popular question and answer session. Members are able to raise questions on any bee keeping problems they may have, or make general enquiries regarding looking after their bees;
  • We then have either a guest speaker talking on a bee keeping topic of interest, a practical demonstration, or a practical session where you get a chance to put into practice things previously discussed in the demonstration (Time permitting).
  • Then it is time for an informal chat over ‘supper’ with enthusiasts and mentors keen to share their knowledge and experiences on bee keeping.

Week-end Meetings format

  • It will be informal with members getting ‘hands on’ experience.
  • Beginners will get the opportunity to build some confidence and develop their skills, whilst learning to recognize the warning signs of an unhealthy hive.






Bill Park extracting honey

Bill Park extracting honey

Field Day Photos

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Field Day


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