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We recommend purchasing some of the following book/s as they are tried and true and well worth purchasing. Also download the free downloads.

Bee Agskills A practical Guide to Farm Skills Published by NSW Govnt. This book costs $25.00, if you are a member of the GAA we can provide it to you for $18.00. This book is Step by Step with many colour plates and is especially good for the beginner to intermediate beekeeper. Much more is explained on the web site below where it can be purchased. (Click the Back Button to return to this site)

'The Bee Book - Beekeeping in Australia' By Peter Warhurst & Roger Goebel. 295 Pages and covers all aspects of Beekeeping including information for Commercial Beekeepers. $55.00. It can be obtained from the link below

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You'll need to click on the tab 'Search Catalogue' and enter the title of the book in the search field.

Commercial Beekeeping in Australia (Second Edition) $25.00 46 pages Code: 07-059
Published: 23 Apr 2007
Author(s): Frederick Benecke
ISBN: 1-74151-456-8

The Bee Book by Ann Cliff - Beekeeping Basics - Harvesting honey - Beeswax - Candles - and other Bee Business
Ann lives with her husband on an 80 hectare farm in Gippsland where they manage their whole farm including bees on organic principles. The book is 134 pages with many colour illustrations. $21.00 and can be purchased by emailing

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National Best Management Practice for beekeeping FREE DOWNLOAD full version from the following site:

Organic certified production with bees FREE DOWLOAD full version:

Organic Certified production with Bees