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Upcoming Events 2018


GAA Events

For more information please contact:
Bill Ringin  5633 1326   Or  0498 594 897  

Gippsland Beekeepers Facebook


Annual General Meeting – Conference Day
Saturday 14th April 2018 - Maffra Memorial Hall - starts 9am

Speakers: Don Muir: B-QUAL
David Briggs: Queen Breeding
Robert McDonald: Bee Husbandry
Mitchell Smith: Australian Native Bees

Quarterly Newsletter

Includes pages for Beginner Beekeepers, Flow Hive Beekeepers as well as information for beekeepers particularly for the Gippsland area.


Central Gippsland Sale


Phone Neil on 0429 888 706 to see whats coming up.

At Sale Greyhound Club 3rd Saturday of the month at 10.30am in the Champions room. Except March, see below.

21st April:          -     Honey tasting – everyone please bring some of your honey to taste. How to pack down for winter. - Do I need to feed? How do I feed? Hive inspection? – Bring your safety gear.
19th May:           -     When and how to render wax, when and how to store wax on the frame till next season. Uses for beeswax – candles, lip balm, hand cream, etc
16th June:          -     Biosecurity code – what are our responsibilities? Record keeping – paper records, computer software, apps, etc.



West Gippsland Community Group

West Gippsland Facebook Page

4th Wednesday of each month at 7pm located at the YFC Rooms 22 Normanby Street Warragul go to the West Gippsland Beekeepers Facebook Page for more details.



South Gippsland Beekeepers


South Gippsland Beekeepers Facebook

2nd Thursday of each month  starting at 7.30pm at  St Peters Anglican Church Hall, Cnr McCartin & Bruce St's, Leongatha. The meeting is followed by supper with tea, coffee and nibblies.

Next meeting April 12th 2018 Pack Down for Winter.

South Gippsland Website



East Gippsland Bee Care Group

Contact Penny Gray

penny.gray@fevl.org.au5154 2843 OR 0429 142 225


Our group meets on the 3rd Sunday of the month  from 1:30-3:30. These meetings generally occur at the Snowy Growers Community Garden Lawson’s Lane.

Current proposed program to June:

April- closing down hives for winter
May- re-queening
June- diseases, how to determine them, management etc

During the rest of 2018 we aim to

  • visit Ian Canes commercial operation in Bruthen and look at his queen rearing
  • learn why we would split a hive and how to go about it
  • get back to basics where we have a workshop building supers, frames, wiring, embedding wax etc. An opportunity for newbees to learn from scratch and those with some experience to share it.